Zoho Mail Tracker

By Crazy Ripples

  • Do you use Zoho Mail?
  • Do you want to know when your emails are being read?
  • Well, then this extension is for you.

Simply install the extension, login using your email, and it will track when your emails are being read by the people you send it to. As a bonus we also included a mail delay feature so that you can prevent accidental sends which you didn't intend to.


Save your preferences in settings

Simply tell the extension your preferences like if you want to explicitly disable the tracking feature

Change the preferences only for a single email instance.

Don't want to track a particular email? We got you covered. You can simply enable/disable tracking for that email.

More Cool Features

Sent an email without attachment? Happens to all of us. There is a cool "Mail Delay" feature that you can use which gives you an extra few settings when you can cancel the sending of mail.


  • How do you do this?
    This is actually a common technique used by most tracking software. This is used by all big players like Mailchimp, Mailgun, and any other provide that gives you the tracking feature. Even Zoho uses this in their campaign emails.
  • Well, what is the technique?
    We simply insert an image inside your mail which when loaded, tells that the email has been read.
  • So the recepient has to click Display Images in order to successfully track the emails?
    Well, I hate it more than you do really! But as explained above, we can't really track an open unless the inserted image is loaded on the email client. But the good news is that when the recepient has you in their trusted list or in providers like Gmail(which open the image automatically), the recepient won't have to click on any button.
  • So are you tracking what I send and to whom?
    We aren't and WILL NEVER track what you send on any costs. We get it! Privacy matters. But in order to distinguish between different emails, we have to store the subject of the email and who you are sending it to. If you want to disable that, we are planning to add a setting in a future version.
  • When I send the email to a gmail address, why can't I see the proper location?
    When a user opens an image using GMAIL, the servers first open it on their own servers(for security and data, I guess). Because of this reason if we show you the location we get, its always gonna be Mountain View, California. Therefore, we decided not to show the location in such cases.